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Horus Vision

Tradeshow Booth and Signage

Shot Show is the largest, most comprehensive trade show for small-armament professionals in the world, drawing 70,000 attendees each year. My client, Horus Vision, showcases innovative optic designs in a 20' x 40' custom tradeshow booth with video displays, conference room, and large-scale signs.

My Role

For several years I've designed and produced towering wall signs, smaller 6' pop-up signs, and video displays for Horus Vision's tradeshow booths. As creative director, I managed freelance artists, and solicited competitive bids and booth layouts from prospective vendors. To ensure smooth operations at show time, I worked closely with vendors on proper video feeds, signage installation, placement of furniture and video monitors for optimal traffic flow, plus carpet and furniture style.

Creative Direction
Booth Design
Graphic Design
Signage Production
bikram intro
bikram intro

Tradeshow signs are a special breed of graphics, requiring a whole different skill set than brochures or ads. Architectural line of sight. Show-floor constraints. DPI density, press size, fast-impact communication. Large scale printing is costly, with only one chance to get it right. With years in the trenches, I've learned from the ground up what it takes to create a successful booth.

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Sands Expo Center
Las Vegas, NV
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