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Logo Suite

Indegene is a global health-industry provider, focused on integrating technology and analytics with medical expertise. They launched a new enterprise-software suite to engage health care professionals with sales, managers and big data. The suite required a cohesive set of logos.

My Role

I designed and produced a suite of logos, for use in print and digital media. Each logo needed to represent a specific software product's core offering, while cohesively branding the overall suite. Additionally, I created a style guide defining logo usage for overseas art departments.

Logo Design
Style Guide
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Each logo differentiates itself with a unique identifier positioned in the upper right corner. Those unique identifiers were designed to be extracted from the logo icon, for stand-alone use in sales collateral and alongside future software titles. The logos and identifiers for my client's rapidly-evolving product suite needed to be extremely versatile, flexible and extensible.

Independent Icons
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This identifier, extracted from the logo suite, is used alongside Indegene's PerformanceManager™ software title, conveying the product's core offering of big-data analytics.
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