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iForage App

Branding and Icon

The iForage mobile app helps naturalists identify wild-edible plants. Users can browse photos and descriptions of plants on iPhones, out in the field, to learn about safe and ethical gathering of wild plants for culinary use.

My Role

I designed and produced the iForage app icon, which also set the basis for the product’s visual identity. My optimization research for this project led the drive to define the app's name, description and keywords for successful App Store search placement. I also edited original source material for mobile format, and wrote tertiary app content.

App Icon Design
Icon Production
Content Creation




Icon production is an exacting art. Painstaking attention to detail pays off when scaling up and down. Disciplined adherence to production on a strict grid means the difference between clean crisp lines and pixelated blur. I applied iOS-appropriate grid multiples to the iForage icon. The result? Uber-clean launch and App Store icons.

Pixel Perfect
More Work