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Horus Vision


Horus Vision designs and manufactures innovative aiming aids for small armaments. The website showcases detailed product descriptions and specificiations. Users can purchase products, register and update software, watch instructional videos, and learn about the company's industry-leading products.

My Role

From copywriting to webpage programming, I helped shape Horus Vision's website. I created compelling photo montage graphics, designed and programmed PHP page templates, worked with back-end developers to simplify user experience, wrote press releases and product descriptions, and developed interactive product demos. As Art Director, I supervised freelance artists, photo sessions and video shoots.

Web Design
Art Direction
Web Programming
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“ The standard Horus Grid is an evolutionary step in reticle design. It replaces outdated crosshairs and mildots. Instead of turning knobs and counting clicks, you visually reposition aim using the grid. Your eyes stay focused on target. Best of all, it takes mere seconds.

Content Creation
Copywriting & Photo Montage
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Explaining Horus Vision's innovative products to newcomers sometimes required detailed illustration and explanation. For the website and downloadable manuals, I communicated technical intricacies with easy-to-grasp visuals and text, requiring deep product knowledge on my part.

Complexity Simplified
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The Science of Web Design

I programmed the Horus Vision website using these technologies and more.

JavaScript & jQuery
More Work